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Investment Performance (1) 184.84%%
Unrealized Performance (2) 444.28%%

(1) Based on the Net Asset Value established on current investments as of 06/30/2019. (2) Based on the unrealized value of our investments, i.e. the increased value of our participations that have not been sold yet or amount of token assets that we did not received yet Past performance is not necessarily indicative of or guarantee of future results.

Who we are

Olymp Capital is an international asset management fund dedicated to blockchain and digital assets. Olymp Capital allows investors to gain entry into the blockchain space and include these assets in their portfolios in a more accessible way. The Olymp Capital portfolio includes a number of high quality blockchain projects where we see enormous potential. 

Europe’s first
Olymp Capital is the first asset management fund in Europe dedicated to blockchain and digital assets. We are based in Luxembourg and registered with the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). Our fund provides investors with access to a wide range of blockchain projects. 

Quality assured
Olymp Capital selects the most promising blockchain projects for its portfolio, from seed stage to Series A and Series B, based on a number of strict criteria, including leadership team, business model, and strategy. The vetting process for these projects is rigorous and extensive. Our projects benefit from our enormous network, technical expertise, financial advisory, regulatory council, research teams, and beyond.

Increasing understanding of the blockchain and crypto space
Olymp Capital seeks to build the future blockchain infrastructure ecosystem, by managing a portfolio of highly selected, promising companies with sound business models and reliable leadership teams. We firmly believe that blockchain will be the layer onto which disruptive, global, and cross-industry technologies and applications will emerge.

How we can help

Unprecedented access
Olymp Capital provides a reliable, accessible route into the blockchain ecosystem for international investors.

Unrivaled experience
Olymp Capital is led by a diverse team of experienced entrepreneurs, financial analysts, and blockchain experts who can dissect the technology behind promising companies and provide funds for highly selected teams. 

Bridging the gap
At Olymp Capital, we are committed to bridging the gap between mainstream and decentralized finance, bringing traditional finance into the fold on blockchain technology as an investment opportunity. 

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