Olymp Capital is a Luxembourg-based Alternative Investment Fund Manager

Olymp Capital S.A. is registered by the CSSF under n°A00002470

Olymp Capital is a blockchain technology venture capital investment specialist

360° Blockchain specialist

First mover in Europe on Blockchain: unique deal flow and sourcing

International presence and ecosystem: advisors, privileged partnerships, large community and network

Smart money: we help boost companies by bringing Blockchain industry expertise, global connection to our unique ecosystem, business development, new fundraising stages assistance, networking, sustainability strategy

Distinctive approach: Blockchain specialized, key Blockchain speaker, European presence, large community and network in a confidential sector


Olymp Fund invests in private equity Blockchain focused companies

Launched in July 2018

  • Seed, Series A & B: Investments in companies from €200k to €2m
  • Type of Assets: Equity and convertible loans



  • Tech: Companies developing tech businesses based on Blockchain technology
  • Blockchain infrastructure: Companies building infrastructure
  • Traditional sector: Companies enabling traditional players to enter the Blockchain ecosystem
  • Geography: Worldwide with a focus on Europe



Blockchain specialized

  • Blockchain is a specialist market and requires specialized investors
  • Traditional investors don’t have the capacity or expertise to analyze blockchain related projects

Key blockchain speaker 

  • Christophe de Courson and Paul Bougnoux are internationally recognized keynote speakers
  • Olymp Capital was present in all the most important conferences over the last two years: DevconIV 2018 (Prague), Blockchain Summit 2018 (Malta), Consensus 2019 (New-York), Finance Conference 2019 (St. Moritz), TEAMZ Blockchain Summit 2019 (Tokyo), T. 2049 (Hong Kong),…

First mover in Europe, international reputation for blockchain

  • Olymp Capital has unrivalled knowledge of startups and entrepreneurs across Europe
  • International reach: From the US to Asia, entrepreneurs are approaching Olymp Capital to support them
  • More and more companies have relocated to Europe due to regulation and highly skilled engineers

Large community and network in a confidential sector

  • Olymp Capital offers a unique gateway for investors to enter a fragmented European market
  • We are a bridge offering access to the US market
  • Access to unique opportunities

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